Pet insurance is something to consider, especially if your pets are young. However, take your time to study each plan to find the perfect one for you and your pets. Feel free to contact us here at (831) 649-0415 with any questions. We would be glad to help.

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Shelby Westmoreland's Experiences

I ALWAYS advocate for Pet Insurance. This recommendation comes from a lot of unfortunate experiences with vet bills. Maybe it’s because I’m in the veterinary industry, but the most bizarre medical issues seem to happen to my animals. Bizarre is usually synonymous for expensive, so I am grateful to have had pet insurance for the last 5 years of my pets life. I never want cost to be a factor in whether or not my animals receive treatment.

Some instances where insurance saved me:

Exhibit A -My dream horse decided to grow enteroliths in her abdomen. Total cost: $15,895.00 What Insurance Paid: $13,500

Exhibit B – My Australian Shepherd, Tilly, was one of the toughest cases the dermatologist at Washington State University had ever seen. She also had bilateral TPLO’s. TPLO cost $14, 789

Exhibit C – Maybe your clients are more lucky than I am, and have things like a random foxtail up the nose. My last visit to the Emergency hospital for a Foxtail removal totaled $967.45. The ironic thing, I happened to be taking a picture and can look back and actually see the Foxtail.

You may ask WHY you as a hospital should be recommending pet insurance and the answer is simple – you never want your clients to have to turn down treatment because they cannot afford it.

- Shelby Westmoreland
Zoetis Territory Business Manager