To provide the absolute best care for your pets, you must have them spayed or neutered at the appropriate age. With that preventative care procedure, you can reduce your pets’ risks of developing serious health conditions in the future. Here’s a look at the importance of having our vets at Peninsula Animal Hospital in Carmel complete the spay & neuter surgery.

What Does It Mean to Spay & Neuter?

Spay & neuter is a simple surgery that eliminates your pets’ ability to reproduce. Female pets undergo the spay procedure while males are neutered. After that, your pets cannot get pregnant or impregnate other animals, taking that worry off your shoulders. You do not need to deal with them going into heat or trying to roam as a result.
Key Benefits

Committing to a spay & neuter procedure helps prevent pet overpopulation, keeping unwanted animals out of shelters. Also, it benefits your pets’ health in many amazing ways.

When you have your male pets neutered, it reduces their risk of both testicular and prostate cancer. Plus, it eliminates their urge to roam around the neighborhood, which could otherwise result in them getting permanently lost or accidentally injured.

Spaying your female pets decreases their risk of many different types of cancer, including uterine cancer. The procedure also eliminates their risk of potentially deadly uterine infections that can occur without any warning and progress rapidly.

After spay and neuter surgery, pets are better able to get along with other animals, reducing their chance of getting into fights. The tendency to become aggressive decreases as well, which makes your pets much easier to work with over the years.

When to Have Pets Spayed and Neutered

Although every animal’s needs are unique, our Carmel, CA, veterinarians will likely recommend having your pets spayed or neutered before their first heat cycle. This allows vets to complete the procedure well before your pet becomes sexually mature, which provides the most health benefits. By having the procedure done at an early age, pets are faster to recover, and it eliminates the risk of them reproducing.

Call for an Appointment with a Carmel, CA, Veterinarian

If you are ready to discuss the spay & neuter surgery with our veterinarians, call 831-649-0415 to reach our team at Peninsula Animal Hospital. Our vets will help you determine the optimal timing for the spay or neuter procedure. Then, we will provide an overview of what to expect and supply the aftercare instructions to follow in helping your pets recover quickly.