Meet the Staff

Meet the friendly staff at Peninsula Animal Hospital!

  • Dr.
    Aaron Cohen

    A native of Jacksonville Florida, Dr. Aaron Cohen’s first pet was a baby chick by the name of “Peep-Peep”, who eventually grew up to be a rooster. After that, he pretty much stuck to just cats and dogs.

    Dr. Cohen attended the University of Florida, Gainesville where he studied animal science and psychology. Shortly thereafter, he transferred to Northeastern University in Boston. He completed his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Ross University, St. Kitts in the West Indies.

    After serving in an internship program at the Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Springfield, Mass, Dr. Cohen settled in with Porter Square Veterinarians of Somerville for the next seven years. Deciding to start his own practice, Dr. Cohen began an exhaustive search that would bring him from the East Coast to the West Coast.

    Dr. Cohen bought Peninsula Animal Hospital in December of 2010. He is active in the American Veterinary Medical Association, California Veterinary Medical Association, and the Monterey Bay Veterinary Medical Association. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, biking and conversing with his cats.

    Years in Practice: 17

    Education:University of Florida, Northeastern University, Ross University

    Email:[email protected]

  • Dr.
    Johanna Sherrill
    DVM, MS, Dipl. ACZM

    Dr. Johanna Sherrill graduated from the University of Georgia with a Degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1995 and a Master's in Medical Microbiology in 1996. She then completed a general medicine and surgery internship in San Diego, an aquatic internship at Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut, and a residency in zoological medicine at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. Dr. Sherrill became board-certified in zoological medicine in 2005. She has worked as a relief Veterinarian in California for 20 years, treating all animal species even fish. She is passionate about marine conservation and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

    Years in Practice: 28

    Education: Doctorate Veterinary Medicine, MS-Medical Microbiology, BAS- Stanford University

    Interests:Horseback-riding, Water Sports, Singing, Playing the Guitar

    Email:[email protected]

  • Jasmine
    Veterinary Assistant / Kennel Manager / Client Communication Specialist

    She has been with our practice since 2013 and has worn many hats at PAH, always with a smile and kind approach. Jasmine strives to give each pet and client the attention and care they deserve. She works in our kennel, caring for boarding animals, and heads our reception area serving our clients and their pets with positivity and flare. Jasmine has many years of experience in customer service as well as a degree in Film Studies. She enjoys outdoor activities, photography and listening to records. She also enjoys spending time with her family and her cat Daisy.

    Years in Practice: 6.5

    Education:BA- Film Studies

    Interests: Reading, Photography, Music

    Email:[email protected]

  • Ingrid
    Head Technician / Staff Manager / Practice Development

    She has been with our practice for about a year, but has been in the veterinary field much longer. Born and raised in Hollywood, she had always had a passion for animals since the age of 7. She attended Mt. San Antonio college's Vet program. She has worked as a Technician in emergency, critical care and general practice for over 17 years. Her specialties in the field are surgery and neonatal care and all of this knowledge overflows into our practice. She heads most of our surgeries here at PAH and always takes pride and care in her work.  She enjoys spending time with her lovely family, (husband and a sweet son and daughter) as well as her dogs, Opie & Ranger, and her cat Leche.

    Years in Practice: 18

    Education: Mt. San Antonio College

    Interests: Family time, hiking, gardening and canning

    Email:[email protected]

  • CheyAnn

    CheyAnn is sweet, attentive and highly knowledgeable. She strives to make every pet and client feel important. She has been with our practice for almost 6 months, and has been a veterinary technician for over 6 years. She enjoys outdoor activities, dirt bike riding and spending time with her family and pets. She has a dog named Kegger, her cat Effy and her two rats Shannon and Cindy.

    Years in Practice: 6

    Interests: Outdoors, Dirt bikes, Family

    Email:[email protected]

  • Yvette

    Yvette is helpful, motivated and determined. She is always willing to stop and help anyone who needs it. She has been with our practice since early 2019 and has been in veterinary medicine since 2017. She was our Employee of the Month within 4 months of starting with us! Yvette is currently furthering her education to be an RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician). She enjoys watching movies, going to the beach, and spending time with her family and her adorable pets. She has a dog named Hulk and a cat named Drax (Avengers anyone?)

    Years in Practice: 2.5

    Interests: Watching scary movies, skateboarding, reading

    Email:[email protected]

  • Megan

    Megan joined us in June 2019 as a technician assistant. She loves playing with our boarding pets and helping with any kennel work, bathing, procedures or surgeries. Megan's care for animals shines through and we hope you can enjoy her bright smile at PAH like we do everyday!

    Years in Practice: 1

    Interests:Veterinary assistant training

    Email:[email protected]

  • Katy

    Katy joined us in June 2019 as a special projects contractor, assistant book-keeper and technician assistant. With many years of experience in managing projects in Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, Katy is beautifying our practice by organizing, deep cleaning, and improving our efficiency. She changes hats easily and can be found knee deep in Quickbooks as well as all of our hospital laundry. Katy loves to walk the boarding pets even late into the day, just to make them feel special. Stop by soon and see the amazing work that Katy has done to transform our boutique practice!

    Years in Practice: 1

    Education:Georgia Tech, Mathematics

    Interests: Yoga, Body Surfing, Movies, Books, Meeting with friends for fondue!

    Email:[email protected]

  • Joanna

    Joanna joined us in August 2019 with a robust background in veterinary technical work around the peninsula. She is a hard worker with a kind attitude. She has a calm approach around pets and people and is a joy to work with every day, applying a dedicated work ethic to her day. Come see Joanna in action!

    Years in Practice: 8

    Interests:Fashion, movies, being with friends

    Email:[email protected]

  • Nick

    Nick is native to San Diego but actually grew up in the Salinas Valley area. He spent his summers with his grandmother, who gave him his love for pets. Knowing he had a passion to care for pets, he enrolled in a veterinary assistant program in Orange County. Nick has now been in the veterinary field for over a decade (since 2008) and has been able to work in many different veterinary practices including feline specialty, emergency, and internal medicine. In his spare time, Nick enjoys running, hiking and traveling. He belongs to 4 cats: Olivia, Sandia, Bentson, and Marcelo.

    Years in Practice: 13

    Email:[email protected]

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