Truly outstanding animal care! Our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier started seeing Dr. Sherrill a couple years ago, and Dr. Sherrill is wonderful. Our dog was licking paws, itching and scratching, and getting ear infections. Our previous vet said that it was environmental/seasonal allergies, but Dr. Sherrill thought it was more than that. She stepped us through the process of getting allergy testing done and changing the diet. Now that we know what our dog is allergic to and we've eliminated those things, it's like we have a whole, new happy dog -- no more licking, itching, scratching, or infections. I highly recommend Dr. Sherrill! I also highly recommend the allergy testing -- having that information is critical to solving the issues. The testing is worth every penny!

Laura Knops Neault Avatar
Laura Knops Neault

The staff is always friendly and helpful. Dr. Aaron Cohen is responsive, and communicative. He listens well about our concerns and questions. There're timely follow-up emails and phone calls checking on our dog. It was tough finding good Vet care during the lockdown, this clinic came through on all counts! Our Mocha is lucky to get this level of care!

M C Miller Avatar
M C Miller

Dr. Cohen is such a careful, attentive vet. We have 100% confidence in the care our German Shepherd receives. The whole staff is freindly and helpful. They clearly love animals and care about their clients. I enthusiastically rate Peninsula Animal Hospital five stars for superb veterinary service. Thank you to the whole team!

Kerri Williamson Avatar
Kerri Williamson

Aaron Cohen is a wonderful veterinarian, I have been taking my dog to him for over 9 years. He always listens to me, gives me credit for knowing my dog. Dr. Cohen explains every treatment, every decision for care, gets my input and really works to find the right treatments for my dog. My dog is 17 1/2 years old and still going strong because I have a vet who is willing to work in partnership with me to do what we both feel is best! I also appreciate his caring and professional staff, all extremely qualified to care for my precious pet.

gene vanhootegem Avatar
gene vanhootegem

While enjoying a vacation in Carmel I noticed our 8 yr old miniature labradoodle was scratching at her ear. After closer inspection her ear flap was red with a quite unpleasant odor. I called Peninsula Animal Hosp and was offered an appt within 24 hours. The assistant also provided contact info for a local emergency care facility if her condition worsened. Very thoughtful since I was not from the area.The whole experience from the telephone interaction to the professional outdoor visit with Dr. Cohen (covid year) regarding her history, symptoms and subsequent diagnosis was top notch. But here’s what surprised me the most… Annie had a previous ear infection a couple years ago. My local vet performed an exam, a culture, ear cleanse, diagnosis, prescribed antibiotics and ear wash solution with a fee of $300+. Peninsula applied a common sense approach with an examination and an inner ear medication, total cost $113. It’s always renewing to encounter an ethical caring business. I HIGHLY recommend taking your animal family members to them. ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Margaret Weaver Avatar
Margaret Weaver

Dr. Cohen and his staff are wonderful!!!! I tried 3 different vets in the area looking for one that we trusted and that we felt comfortable with. Dr. Cohen will take as long as needed to talk to you about your fur baby and will make sure all your questions are answered. They don't try and break the bank either. They genuinely care about the welfare of your pet and under that they are part of your family and they care for them as such. All the staff is so friendly and If I could give 1,000 stars I would! Highly recommend!!!!!

Amanda Bailey Avatar
Amanda Bailey

I had the pleasure of working with doctor Cohen, he treated my dog Brody(jack Russell corgi) so well I love taking him there for our visits. The doctor takes his time and is very caring.

Said Perez Avatar
Said Perez

By far one of the best experiences I have ever had. CheyAnn is amazing! Thank you guys for all that you do.

Christian Saban Avatar
Christian Saban

One time I needed to bring my cat on short notice and they made arrangements so the doctor can see him. Drcohen and his staff are cool and friendly.


Great place to take your dog or cat, Dr. Cohen is always nice to me and my dog and cat.

john smith Avatar
john smith

Great care for our cat, and used an efficient process for safe drop off and pickup.Thanks!!!!!!

Mark Richards Avatar
Mark Richards

Called to get some information and the staff was more than helpful. I highly recommend and appreciate their assistance!

Ratish kc Avatar
Ratish kc

Its the best vet I have ever had!! I have 2 huskies and they get into trouble all the time!!! Dr. Sherrill and Dr. Cohen are both so attentive, extremely knowledgable, and supportive. They all work as a team and its shines through because even when my dogs seriously injure themselves, I know they will be in great hands. Their staff is also amazing! Everyone is so helpful and extremely nice. They also dont rip you off, the prices are fair and they dont force anything on you either. I love that they listen and they explain things thoroughly! If anyone is going to take care of your pets, its Peninsula Animal Hospital!

Inesse Lee Avatar
Inesse Lee

During this horrific pandemic, Peninsula Animal Hospital has done the very best at keeping all the requirements of social distancing, masks, no touch payment and communication via cell phone while customers wait in the parking lot. Techs come to your car, take your animal inside for their appointment, and return animal back to your car. The entire staff is professional, kind, caring, and extremely qualified. I am very please with the service and expertise I have received from Peninsula Animal Hospital.

Diane McWhorter Avatar
Diane McWhorter

Got me in quickly. Other vet I'd used for years couldn't get us in for over a week; not good when your pup is sick. Used good covid precautions too. Were thorough and spotted issue other vet missed.

Holly Shoats Avatar
Holly Shoats

They are kind and friendly. The vet explained everything easily.

Anna Kim Avatar
Anna Kim

I'll go with the perspective of our two standard poodles who have been cared for by the Peninsula Animal Hospital over the past 15 years. They genuinely seem to like going there, tails wagging, going right in, no hanging back or negative body language. They sense that the vets and staff genuinely care about them which far overcomes any memories of having been poked, prodded, scrapped, stuck or placed under anesthesia. As for my wife and I, we have continually been impressed by the staff's responsiveness, compassion, and professionalism. Can't recommend them highly enough.

David Lyon Avatar
David Lyon

They really are reasonably priced! I am in college and short on funds, and I made that clear that I wanted to keep costs low and still treat my dog and they helped me do that. I’m from out of state and I was worried that, as with most things in California, the vet prices would be much higher than I’m used to. But they weren’t! The staff helped me to understand the cost of each shot or medication and let me opt out if I felt it was unnecessary. And I went away from my appointment paying less than what I would have expected in Utah.

Lydia Bunderson Avatar
Lydia Bunderson

Friendly and caring staff. After only one visit, I had an emergency come up for my dog. Although they couldn't see her right away and referred me to the emergency vet, they called me back to check in on her. Will continue regular service with this vet hospital.

James Ehret Avatar
James Ehret

Good, kind, thorough vets with the animal's best interests at heart. Highly recommend.

Holly Davis Avatar
Holly Davis

I highly recommend Peninsula Animal Hospital. Strong on both customer service and medical practice, their animal hospital provides professional, intelligent, kind and effective care. Thank you Peninsula Animal Hospital for being so wonderful!

Marguerite Fishman Avatar
Marguerite Fishman

Friendly staff, good service.

Tim wrenn Avatar
Tim wrenn

Wonderful people. Everyone from the vet, vet tech, and receptionist were competent and kind.

Natalie Christie Avatar
Natalie Christie

Finding a good fit when it comes to medical care for your beloved pets is no simple feat involving extensive research and an element of good luck.I struck gold when I found Peninsula Animal Hospital! From Jasmine’s friendly, efficient and welcoming way to Dr Cohen’s kind, humorous, intelligent and insightful treatment of my two dogs.I have had many, many pets whom I’ve loved and their healthcare has always been crucial for me. Knowing that my furry children are in expert, caring hands is a tremendous comfort and I am thankful to have found Peninsula Animal Hospital minutes from my home.

Valerie Morrow Avatar
Valerie Morrow

My dogs receive fabulous care both in the relaxed routine environment as well as in an emergency situation. Great confidence in Dr Cohen and his entire staff.

bobbi huber Avatar
bobbi huber

Very caring and capable staff. I feel they really care about my golden retriever

Steven Little Avatar
Steven Little

The staff and doctors are very welcoming and caring. After a recent visit, they called me two days later to check on my animals. This is a normal procedure for them. They love all animals and I never feel rushed. They explain everything to me and are ready to answer any questions. Their front desk staff are agreeable and always polite. During the pandemic, they came out to my car in pipe and picked up my animals and put the meds in my car. A wonderful veterinary practice that I would recommend as they are personable and great at treating my pets.

E Carpenter Avatar
E Carpenter

They are close to my house..

leslie mcintosh Avatar
leslie mcintosh

Blondie & I trust both Doctors and the supporting staff are amazing. Both Drs take time to explain well different treatments or options. Small independent vet office. They also do lab work in house. Always clean & tidy.

Anne Olson Avatar
Anne Olson

They were really helpful when I brought my dog in and instead of a doc visit it turned into a tech visit. They wanted to help me save money and not have to put my dog through so much. Customer service is excellent and the staff are very welcoming. Prices here are very good.

Morgan Breeden Avatar
Morgan Breeden