Two Amazing Diagnostic Tests Are Now Available: Allergies (dogs and cats) and Cancer Gene Detection (dogs)

NEXTMUNE Allergy Testing and TREATMENT – DOGS and CATS for only $569!

Yes, initial TREATMENT lasting up to 6 months is included! Either subcutaneous injections (about 6 months) or a mouth spray (about 4 months). Refills are very affordable so your pet can STOP being so itchy by treating the source.

Inhaled, contact, parasite and food allergens are tested on a blood sample. Results come in 5 to 10 business days as a tailored report for your pet, including prescription and over the counter diet recommendations. Dermatologists have endorsed this testing and treatment strategy, so we can FINALLY cut to the chase and help your allergic pet!

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Nextmune Blood Test for Allergies – Dogs and Cats

ONCOK9 CANCER SCREENING by PET DX – DOGS for now, CATS soon! Priced at $795, which includes the technician visit to draw the blood samples

So excited about this sophisticated molecular blood test!

This is a YES / NO screening test of the blood that looks for pieces of genetic material shed by cancer tumor cells. Soon the test will also include if certain cancer types are detected (very cool!). For now, we can perform this test and if cancer genes are detected, Pet Dx will offer you $200 back to do further testing such as xrays and ultrasound or biopsy to determine where or what the cancer is. WHAAATT?? UNREAL!

So don’t wait on this. It is well worth knowing early and finding the tumor so steps can be made to prevent it growing or spreading. Think mammogram or colon cancer screening in humans. EARLY DETECTION makes all the difference. And $200 to track it down? WOW!

A note: Many owners say they don’t want to know or would not treat a cancer if it was found. Knowing though means you can address underlying PAIN or any hidden suffering that your pet may have from a cancer, at the very least. And veterinary oncology is more advanced than ever now – often just a daily pill or one injection will treat common cancers pets get.

Read more about it here:
Onco K9 Liquid Biopsy Test

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