Episode ONE: Pets have TEETH too!

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Episode ONE: Pets have TEETH too!

Can you imagine never brushing your teeth? Your mouth would be a breeding ground for bacteria and plaque, leading to periodontal disease, bad breath, pain, and loose teeth. Is this the same thing that can happen to a cat or dog whose teeth are never brushed?

Short answer: OF COURSE!

So if you CAN work on removing food and saliva (#BIOFILM) from your pet’s teeth AT LEAST 3 to 4 times a week, then you are ahead of the game. The truth is, most owners, even myself, have a hard time getting their pet’s teeth properly brushed as often as they need it.

So now what?

Well, the Veterinary Oral Health Council, or VOHC, does approve of certain veterinary products to help maintain oral hygiene in pets. Products include: dental rinses, pastes, water additives, diets, and chews. While there is no substitute for brushing, these products really can help.

I’m going to try a water additive called “Healthy Mouth” for pets and see if my dog will benefit, but I still use Dental Wipes (Beef flavor!) and DentaHex rinse on a pet toothbrush to help maintain her teeth several times a week.

Please shop at our ONLINE STORE at: https://bit.ly/3ydecdr for a variety of dental products that you can try: T/D tartar diet, Denta-Hex rinse, CET chlorhexidine chews, Dental Wipes (variety), and others.

So what if it’s too late and your pet has TOO MUCH disease in the mouth already? Then come see us and we will evaluate your pet for a possible dentistry under anesthesia to restore oral health. We are STILL running our dental special for $799 with a $200 COVID discount to $599, but this is not going to last much longer!

Are you stressed about your pet having anesthesia? I understand, and I hear this ALOT! When my dog had to undergo a dentistry with 3 extractions at the Vet Dentist, I was a disaster basket case! But everything was fine, as I knew it would be, and my dog is much better! You see, rotten teeth and infection in the mouth are painful and harmful. A controlled and planned anesthesia with a dental exam and treatment can make your pet healthier!

At Peninsula Animal Hospital, we work really hard to ensure a safe anesthesia for your pet by performing pre-op exams with bloodwork, placing an IV catheter, using a tailored, balanced anesthesia protocol, monitoring appropriately, giving IV fluids and medications for nausea, anxiety, pain, and infection, and dedicating a team to the procedure. Although you may be worried, you can be assured that we have the same goal as you do- keeping your pet safe and ensuring a positive outcome.

Still nervous? Why not plan some time with us to go over everything and answer questions and concerns. We are here for you!

Although pet oral health takes a back seat a lot of the time, it really shouldn’t. I wish I could impress upon all puppy and kitten owners right at the start that taking an active role in the dental health of their pet will pay off.

Please send me any questions you may have to our email.

Until next time, enjoy your pet!

-Dr Sherrill

Next Episode: Do I really need Pet Health Insurance?

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